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Russell Geotechnical Innovations

Formed in November 2008, Russell Geotechnical Innovations (RGI) was formed to support, provide for and, drive forward modern construction design parameters through the provision of a commercially independent installation. RGI offers laboratory-based parameter determination of the highest quality required for the needs of modern design and construction.


Chris Russell (Director), himself has over 20 years experience in both commercial and research soil/rock testing for the construction industry. He has been involved in both routine and specialist parameter determinations for some of the most prestigious or politically/commercially fragile construction projects in the world carried out over the past 20 years. State-of-the-art equipment, instrumentation and sample specific test procedures are designed and used to capture soil and rock behaviour, either as in-situ parameters or with regard to site-specific design scenario’s and models.

Whether it be small low-rise construction, a dam, a bridge, or a deep sea job is too large or small and all require the best possible parameter determinations to satisfy modern design requirements. RGI is committed to providing the best possible information and determinations to satisfy all its client needs.